H & S  Pieper

Fine Chocolates

H & S  Pieper


Helen Pieper was known for her chocolates.
Her daughter, Sandy Frank honors her by carrying on her traditions and her love of chocolate.


Delicious, handmade, homemade, decadent toffees are made using only the finest top quality ingredients. All ingredients are real - cocoa, butter, sugar, cream. The way mom would have done. All items are made in small batches and prepared fresh for your order.


H&S Pieper toffees have exhibited at the following locations in the past:

Mistletoe Mart in Westminster, MD

St. James Christmas Shoppe and Cafe in Monkton, MD

Candy Cane Christmas Bazaar in Glen Arm, MD

EHHPC Holiday Greens Sale and Bazaar in Monkton, MD

Inverness Brewing, Monkton, MD